Spring Research Festival
April 25-26, 2023
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April 25-26
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Past Spring Research Festivals

  • Mayor of the City of Frederick, Michael O'Connor, stated:
    "The Spring Research Festival is an eye-opening opportunity to see and understand the breadth of scientific discovery taking place in connection with Fort Detrick. I am impressed with the attention to maintain both military health and readiness and how those efforts can lead to positive civilian applications for the research. The City of Frederick is fortunate to be home to such an important strategic command."
  • The Tent Show received 1,200 attendees who met with the vendors to view scientific technology.
  • The Keynote Speaker event greeted 150 attendees who listened to the world renowned scientist, Dr. Garry Nolan, from Stanford University, presentation "Pathology from the Molecular Scale on Up".

Winners from the 2018 Spring Research Festival are listed below:


  • Applied and Environmental Biology - Dana Hamad
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - Julie Nyman
  • Cancer Biology - Srikanta Basu
  • Clinical Research - Elvira An
  • Detection and Diagnostics - Catherine Badger
  • Developmental and Cell Biology - Sumi Mondal
  • Emerging Technologies - Terrence Garcia
  • Immunology - Maggie Bartlett
  • Infections Pathogens and Epidemiology - Elena Cornejo Castro
  • Informatics - Manav Mathur
  • Other - Christopher Thornburg
  • Scientific Core Services - Jon Inglefield
  • Structural Biology and Chemistry - Tsung- Jen Liao
  • Therapeutics, Vaccines, and Drug Delivery - Cheryl Miller


  • Cheryl Miller
  • Maggie Bartlett
  • Elvira An