Spring Research Festival
April 25-26, 2023
An image of a graduated cylinder with a sunflower inside of it and the words Spring Research Festival next to it.
April 25-26
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Past Spring Research Festivals

Winners from the 2021 Spring Research Festival are listed below:


  • Applied and Environmental Biology: Gary Peterson, USDA
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Zhe Sun, NCI at Frederick
  • Biosafety and Biosecurity: Ed Hong, USAMRDC
  • Cancer Biology: Dipak Poria, NCI at Frederick
  • Clinical Research: Vishnuprabha Rahul Kannan, NCI at Frederick
  • Detection and Diagnostics: Christopher Stephan, USAMRDC
  • Emerging Technologies: Sally Feng, NCI at Frederick
  • Gene Therapy, Genome Editing and Genetics: Hui Dong, NCI at Frederick
  • Immunology: Morgan Johnson, NCI at Frederick
  • Infectious Pathogens and Epidemiology: Isaac Downs, USAMRDC
  • Informatics: Amanda Paulson, NCI at Frederick
  • Other: Eleuterio Galvez, USAMRDC
  • Scientific Core Services: Jeffrey Carrell, NCI at Frederick
  • Structural Biology and Chemistry: George Lountos, NCI at Frederick
  • Therapeutics, Vaccines, and Drug Delivery: Kathleen Pagarigan, USAMRDC


  • Poster Blitz: Antonia Santoro, USAMRDC
  • Post-Bac/Post-Doc Symposium: Sarah Flaherty, NCI at Frederick