Spring Research Festival
April 25-26, 2023
An image of a graduated cylinder with a sunflower inside of it and the words Spring Research Festival next to it.
April 25-26
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Past Spring Research Festivals

Winners from the 2022 Spring Research Festival are listed below:


Applied and Environmental Biology Michael Fulcher USDA
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Martin Ng NCI
Cancer Biology Balamurugan Kuppusamy NCI
Clinical Research Ryan Baugher NCI
Detection Diagnostics Erin Mosher NCI
Developmental and Cell Biology Ruby Schnirman NCI
Emerging Technologies Sally Feng NCI
Gene Therapy, Genome Editing, and Genetics Erica Lyons NCI
Immunology Anthony Mele NIAID
Infections Pathogens and Epidemiology Eva Agostino NCI
Informatics Sunita Menon NCI
Other Lucy Stewart USDA
Scientific Core Services Sevilay Turan NIH
Structural Biology and Chemistry Xue Zhi Zhao NIH
Therapeutics, Vaccines, and Drug Delivery Amirah Ulla NIH

Poster Blitz

1st Shreya Kordale NCI
2nd Eva Agostino NCI
3rd Ruby Schnirman NCI
4th Lucy Stewart USDA
5th Sneha Anmalsetty NCI

Young Investigator

1st Antonia Santoro MRDC (USAMRICD)
2nd Anthony Mele NIAID