Spring Research Festival
April 24-25, 2024
An image of a graduated cylinder with a sunflower inside of it and the words Spring Research Festival next to it.
April 24-25
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Judging and Poster Guidelines

Judging Criteria

Research Concept

  • Is the hypothesis or the problem clearly stated and easily understood?
  • Is the project innovative or does it look at a question in a new way?
  • Does it represent new/novel technology or a new application of existing technology to the hypothesis?

Experimental Quality

  • Are the experimental design and methods appropriate to the objective?
  • Are the results meaningful and relevant?
  • Do the conclusions adequately and concisely interpret the results?

Display Attributes

  • Lettering size and quality: Can the information/data flow be easily followed? Is there too much text?
  • Tables/figures/photos: Should be simple in design for clear and quick understanding. What is represented should be identified.
  • Use of color: Provide credit if the color adds value to the poster.

Overall Poster Quality and Presentation

  • Is the poster neat, attractive, and informative?
  • Is the research concept adaptable to the poster style?
  • Are the main conclusions obvious after a short scan of the poster?
  • Is the poster self‐explanatory? It should not contain any unfamiliar terms that need interpretation.
  • Organization: The poster display should be well organized and clearly show the flow of presentation either by using appropriate headings (methods, results, and conclusions) or by the use of arrows or connecting lines.