Spring Research Festival
April 25-26, 2023
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April 25-26
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Presentations & Exhibits

Young Investigator Symposium

This event is for young investigators to present their research in a traditional 15 minute lecture format (12 minute lecture and 3 minutes for questions). This event provides young investigators the opportunity to showcase the research projects they are involved with and the implications and impact the research may have. This event is judged (see Judging Criteria).

Scientific Poster Display

Researchers and students involved in ongoing research projects at Fort Detrick are invited to display a scientific poster in accordance with the Poster Guidelines. Posters will be judged according to Judging Criteria. Poster Display participants are not required to orally present the poster. Registering for the Poster Display will only secure a place for your poster to be displayed during the event. This event is judged (see Judging Criteria)

Poster Blitz

Poster Display participants that are interested in an oral presentation of the poster should register for the Poster Blitz. The Poster Blitz is a 3-5 minute poster overview where posters are interspersed to create an exciting dynamic during the event. This event is judged (see Judging Criteria). Poster Blitz participants must also be registered for the Poster Display.

Keynote Speaker

Click here to learn more about the Keynote Speakers.

Mini Lecture Series

Scientists from National Interagency Confederation for Biological Research agencies will provide an overview of ongoing research projects on the topic of “Omics.”